Rigidity: Faithfulness or Heterodoxy?

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Rigidity Rocco Foreword
"Many conservative and traditional Catholics take offense at Pope Francis’s warnings about rigidity. They believe he is associating faithfulness with rigidity. Pedro Gabriel shows that this is a complete misunderstanding of the Holy Father’s concerns. Pope Francis is actually upholding the authentic Catholic tradition, which seeks the golden mean between laxism and rigidity. In this much-needed work, Gabriel provides an historical survey of various groups in Catholic history that have criticized the immoral and lax Church while claiming to be the true, pure, and authentic followers of the Gospel"
Robert Fastiggi
Professor of Dogmatic Theology, Sacred Heart Major Seminary, Detroit,
"Pedro Gabriel has written a truly brilliant book, not only for its readable style but above all for its pertinent content. Pedro Gabriel’s new book undoubtedly helps us to detoxify the Christian life from the frequent laxist and rigorist temptations that are so popular and so misleading in today’s world. Nothing could be more opportune to live the faith with maturity and balance following the teachings of the Gospel in communion with the Successor of Peter"
Rodrigo Guerra Lopez
Secretary of the Pontifical Commission for Latin America
"In his latest work, Dr. Pedro Gabriel delves into the Pope’s views on what is a fundamental and ironic misconception of the meaning of Tradition among self-proclaimed traditionalists, and the attitudes best understood as ridigity and indietrism (backwardness) which result from this misunderstanding. Dr. Gabriel, in his winsome way, challenges readers to reassess whether they have truly grasped the meaning of St. Paul’s exhortation to “stand firm and hold to the traditions which you were taught” (2 Thess. 2:15 RSVCE), and urges them to fairly reflect on Pope Francis’ concerns without resorting to defensiveness or kneejerk reactions."
Andrew Likoudis
Associate Member of the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars

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