O Profeta e o Anticristo


During a stormy night, a newborn is abandoned at the doors of a monastery. As soon as the child is found, the Mother Superior prophesies that a great fate hangs over him: the baby would grow up to become a great prophet, who would forestall the coming of the Antichrist and the ensuing Apocalypse.

But, as the child became a man, he was confronted with the true implications of such fate. For this gift would also entail a great curse…

One day, an unknown character enters the life of this man, and turns everything on its head.

Date of publication: June 28th, 2013

Publisher: Edita-Me

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Editions: 1 (currently sold out)

Language: Portuguese

Available formats: Paperback

No. pages: 389

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“An essay novel, a diagnosis of the ills of civilization”

The reader will feel rewarded by the clarity and theoretico-practical positions of the characters and the lesson of the events they experience. These will certainly lead the reader to opt for those who give an example of greater human and social elevation, and who preserve the Faith and Hope in a future of eternal communion with the Love and Forgiveness of God”

Monsignor Ângelo Alves, Voz Portucalense, July 17, 2013

“A text of theological narrative”

Pedro Gabriel shows himself to be intellectually equipped with a philosophical, theological, psychological and mystical knowledge that is not seen in other authors of the same kind of literature. In the moral plane, he has an honesty that is not usual among his peers. And in the religious plane, he is faithful to the genuine contents of the Christian Revelation.

Prof. Doutor José Coutinho, Theologica, II Série, Vol. XLVII, Fasc 2, 2013

Book also recommended by Jornal Veris, in its September 2013 issue

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