Heresy Disguised As Tradition

Heresy Disguised as Tradition

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Robert Fastiggi Book Preface Excerpt
"Pedro Gabriel has the gift of giving transparent and honest answers to intricate questions. Now in this book he explains what Catholic Tradition is. One of the plagues of the current discussion on the Pontificate of Pope Francis are the traditionalists who do not know the tradition of the Church. . . The reader will find clear answers in a language that is easy to understand and in which a fervent love to Tradition and to the body of Christ incarnate shines through."
Rocco Buttiglione
Member of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences and of the Pontifical Academy of St. Thomas.
“Pedro Gabriel has succeeded in articulating an impassioned Catholic defense of the true Tradition against its pseudo-traditionalist deformations. Nothing could be more timely to understand – once and for all – that the Holy Spirit has not gone on vacation and constantly assists all successors of Peter in leading and governing the Church."

Rodrigo Guerra Lopez
Secretary of the Pontifical Commission for Latin America
“Pedro Gabriel offers a well-written and deeply researched defense of Catholic teaching in response to the errors of contemporary Catholic traditionalism. Dr. Gabriel engages directly with the arguments of radical traditionalists and offers a thorough response, leaving no stone unturned. . . I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in Catholic ecclesiology who wants to understand the ongoing debates about authority and tradition in the Church.
Mike Lewis
Co-Founder and Editor of the international website Where Peter Is
"Pedro Gabriel emerges from this extraordinary book as a gifted expositor on legitimate development of doctrine, the Mind of the Church, and “radical orthodoxy.” Like St. John Henry Cardinal Newman in his famous and influential works, Apologia pro vita sua and Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine, he brings forth many helpful historical and biblical analogies to make a larger point (a comparison with today’s radical traditionalists)."
Dave Armstrong
Apologist and Columnist at Patheos Catholic
"Dr. Gabriel’s excellent book is just what is needed in these times of rampant confusion about what faithful Catholics owe towards the magisterium, and where there is legitimate room for questions and respectfully aired concerns. . . This book will be much cited in years to come, and no doubt could not have come at a better time for the Church. A big congrats to Dr. Gabriel again, on his excellent scholarship and diagnostic insight."
Andrew Likoudis
Apologist amd Columnist at Patheos Catholic

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