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Pedro Gabriel

Since an early age, Pedro showed a great affinity for the written word. He learned how to read at 4 years of age, was writing short stories at 6 years old, and finished his first novel at 15 years old. This novel would win the First Honorable Mention for Prose of the “Ferreira de Castro” National Award of Youth Literature in 2001.

During the course of his studies, Pedro became proficient in the English language (he won first place in his school’s “English Olympics” in 1997), and also in Castillian / Spanish. He can also understand Italian and French.

Also during his younger years, Pedro became fascinated with biblical stories and ancient mythology (particularly Greek, Egyptian, and Mesopotamian). He was an avid reader of Homer, Shakespeare, Milton, and Dante. Already in his adulthood, he discovered Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Chesterton, Charles Williams, and Joseph Ratzinger. These would become his main influences, both as a fiction writer and as a Catholic apologist.

He currently lives in Portugal with his beautiful wife Claire.

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Graduation as a doctor

First apologetics blog: “As Crónicas de uma Peregrinação”

First published fiction novel “O Profeta e o Anticristo”

End of Oncology residentship

Co-founding of the international apologetics website “Where Peter Is”

Wedding with Claire at Fatima

Publication of “Ironcraft,” the first instalment of the “Chronicles of Dumah” fantasy series

Diploma with honours of the “Internet Journalism” course from the London School of Journalism

Start of theology and philosophy courses at the Pontificia Università della Santa Croce in Rome

First published apologetics book: “The Orthodoxy of Amoris Laetitia”

Creation of the journalistic website: “The City and the World”

Launch of the Papal Primers initiative

Press Coverage of World Youth Day Lisbon 2023

Publication of the apologetics book: “Heresy disguised as Tradition”